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Why are the date and the place special?

According to historical sources it was Tarcal where, in 1100, the Hungarian king Coloman the Learned declared a law prohibiting the persecution of strigae – vampires or mares – because they “do not exist”.

In an old Hungarian tradition countryside lads would set up a maypole decorated with ribbons at the gate of the chosen lass’s house to let her know their feelings

The Mother’s Day is nigh! Celebrating mothers has roots in the ancient Greece. In 2016 this day in Hungary coincided with our festival, but also this year it will take place soon.

What is this weekend associated with?

Folk believes

Folk customs,
believes, stories
from the local folklore.

The tokaji wines

At the heart of each point of the program there stands the biggest treasure of the region: the tokaji wine.


The whole weekend is
about fertility, womanhood
and beauty.


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